Frogs 2022 – Part III

While in Africa back in 2008 I met a photographer, Jim Zuckerman, who organizes photography trips. One of his trips was a Frog workshop. I attended and was hooked. Through him I got to know Patrick Nabors, the frog's handler. When Patrick (and his frogs) moved near my hometown of Kansas City and set up a photography studio it gave me a perfect excuse…

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Frogs 2022 – Part II

This year's marathon photo shoot allowed me the opportunity to photograph not just frogs, but some of the other intriguing reptiles that my friend, Patrick Nabors, has in his collection. I was also able to experiment with some different set-ups for the frogs. Below are a few more of my images from this year. Frogs This first group shows the active Tiger-legged Tree Frog…

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Frogs 2022 – Part I

As you probably know I have a lot of fun photographing these little frogs and their friends. It's not my intention to portray them as they are in the wild. Finding props to show off their colors and agility is part of the fun. The frogs are carefully handled by their owner and come to no harm while being photographed. After eleven years of…

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