Frogs 2022 – Part II

This year’s marathon photo shoot allowed me the opportunity to photograph not just frogs, but some of the other intriguing reptiles that my friend, Patrick Nabors, has in his collection. I was also able to experiment with some different set-ups for the frogs. Below are a few more of my images from this year.


This first group shows the active Tiger-legged Tree Frog in a curly cactus. Next, the big-eyed Lemur Frog perches on a succulent flower. The tiny Clown Frog seems quite comfortable on his succulent plant.

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Frogs, Frogs….

The yellow mum supports a baby Milk Frog. Tiger-legged Tree Frogs like to climb. This one seems to be taking a break while climbing up a long stem. In the third image an adult Milk Frog shows off her fashionable hat.

And, More Frogs

The stunning lily holds a sleepy-looking Tiger-legged Tree Frog. Hanging on the tendrils of an airplant is another climber, the Red-eyed Tree Frog. His cousin sits atop a bright sunflower. Looking a bit surprised a Lemur Frog is caught sleeping on top of a multi-colored mum.

Frogs and Other Reptiles

The Chameleon Gecko in the first image was a great poser. I had some more fun with my “black glass” reflecting the log and beautiful blue Alligator Lizard. And last, two Milk Frogs in a more natural setting enjoying a moment beside our little man-made pond.

I hope you’ve enjoyed these images. As always I’d love to get your comments (see below). To receive notices of new posts, just sign up at the top of this page. Thanks for taking the time to join me. Cheryl

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