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California Lusitanos

I recently returned from a reunion (which took place in California) of some of the equine photographers who have traveled the world with Tony Stromberg . Of course, this was also a photography trip. Among the numerous places we visited was California Lusitanos.

The Lusitano breed, one of the oldest in the world, originated on the Iberian Peninsula which is now Spain and Portugal. In Portugal they are Lusitanos and in Spain Andalusians. I’ve photographed them often in Europe and was delighted to have an opportunity to do so in California. The following are some of my favorite images from this day’s shoot.

Mares & Foals

We got an opportunity to preview the newest generation and their moms.

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The Stallions

Our main shoot was in an arena reminiscent of those in Europe. This white stallion was one of my many favorites.

Lusitanos come in all colors and we were treated to a variety.

The dappled grey stallion really seemed to enjoy his run in the arena.

Another spirited bay showed off for the camera.

Last, but certainly not least, the gorgeous perlino stallion. Perlinos are genetically related to palaminos and cremellos, having different base colors and number of cream genes. The colors can be found in several breeds. They typically have pink skin and blue eyes. A very eye catching combination.

This stallion was obviously very special, not only in color, but in demeanor and training. We not only photographed him at liberty, but also under saddle. A treat to watch both ways.

I hope you’ve enjoyed the first of my images from the California Reunion. Stay tune for more! To be notified of the next post, please sign up at the top of this page.

I love to read your comments and get your feedback. I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you so much joining me.

Until the next post, Cheryl

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  1. well the grey staliion was outstanding, but how could you pick a favorite- they are all
    just beautiful and i think they might know it. prancing for you- lol

    thanks for posting

    1. That’s why I said, “one of my many favorites”. It’s hard to pick just one. 🙂 Glad you enjoyed them!!

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