Old Car City USA

Old Car City is located in White, Georgia, about an hour’s drive north of Atlanta. What began as a rural general store in 1931 is now touted as the World’s Largest Known Classic Car Junkyard. Over 4,000 American made cars and trucks from the early 20th century, some dating back to the 1920’s, are scattered over the 34 acre property. These wrecked and/or abandoned cars hold a strange fascination particularly for photographers.

In more recent years members of the original family have made Old Car City a destination for tourists, car enthusiasts and photographers. Paths wind through the acres of automobiles, whimsical signs are tacked to trees, and a “general store” displays art and memorabilia.

Cars and Trucks

The entrance to Old Car City leaves no doubt as to what you will see inside. You’ll note that somehow an airplane also found its way to the junkyard.

These are just a few of the cars. I’ve visited Old Car City three times in the last ten years. The car with the tree growing out of it is one of my favorites. The tree just keeps getting bigger.

As you would expect there are a lot of trucks in the junkyard. The first image is of an old fire truck. One of the hoses used to still be visible, but it must have finally disintegrated.

Wise Sayings

Posted here and there around the property are various signs with wise or not so wise sayings. I call this one The Wisdom Tree.

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