Horses In Motion

While working on another project I was struck yet again by the grace and athleticism of horses. Sometimes poetry in motion and other times very free form and frequently comical. I’ve put together some of my favorites below choosing black and white to showcase these amazing animals.


The natural beauty and balance of a horse’s gait is a pleasure to watch. The movements are graceful even in the midst of a fight.

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But Wait…..

Free Form

When horses are left to their own devices things can get a little wild and crazy.

I hope you’ve enjoyed these images. I had a lot of fun putting them together. As always I look forward to your comments and feedback.

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Thanks for joining me, Cheryl

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  1. Stunning horses, you captured their grace and beauty!

    1. Jeanne, thank you! Most of these were shot in Portugal. Some truly magnificent animals.

  2. Another wonderful blog!

    1. Thank you, my dear! 🙂

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