Tooting My Own Horn Just A Bit

With the limited travel options these past couple of years I had time to work on my backlog of images, and I entered two international contests as well.

The first one was the Wildlife Photographer of the Year sponsored by London’s Natural History Museum. It is probably one of the most coveted awards for any wildlife photographer. There were over 50,000 images entered by professional and amateur photographers from around the world. Although I was not a winner in my category, I felt extremely honored to be one of the finalists. That in itself, to me, was a winner. This image of a Coastal Brown Bear nursing her cubs on the mudflats off the coast of Alaska was my entry in the Animal Behavior category.

The second contest was the Bird Photographer of The Year originating here in the US. There were over 22,000 entries world over. Again, I was honored to be a finalist in the Creative Imagery category. This image of Great White Egrets in flight was created from four different photographs using a variety of processing techniques.

Contests are not just about winning (which, of course, is the main objective). It’s also a way to see what others in your field are producing and how you stack up against them. It’s a learning experience, and many times a humbling one. The last part of this year has been a busy one for me, but these two contests are opening for entries this month. I hope to have time to find a few images to submit. Who knows, next year one of them might be a winner.

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  1. Very impressive.

    I agree, being a finalist in a competition that depends solely on the subjective opinion of the judges, is extremely rewarding. I am proud to know you and be your friend.



  2. Congratulations! That is very imprssive. Being chosen as finalist in two categories is well deserved. That is an honor, and I think the final selection could usually go to any one of the finalists.

    Some of your images stay with me for a long time, with ingetrity and deeper meaning expressed through your artistic vision and photographic skills.


    1. Thank you, Sandy! As always, I appreciate your comments.

  3. Wow! Well done! Both of them are so impressive! The egrets in flight are beautiful – truly a work of art & the bear with her cubs is well into the “Oh, how cute!” along with being a truly great capture of behavior that most probably isn’t seen often! (I, of course, am certain that the judges blew it! I can’t wait to see what you submit for next year!)
    Congratulations on being a finalist for both categories!


    1. Thanks so much, Connie! I need you on that judges panel. 🙂

  4. What an honor. I agree with you to make it as a finalist is something to be proud of. Congratulations Cheryl.

    1. Thanks so much, Lucy! 🙂

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