Horses Of Andalusia, Spain

Rancho Los Angeles

Below are a few images of the beautiful horses at Rancho Los Angeles. Quite a number of their stallions and mares are Cartuja, considered the purest of the PRE (Pure Spanish Horse). In some of the backgrounds you can see the scenic beauty of Andalusia, a very agricultural area.

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Out Takes

Just for fun I’m including a few candid shots. The first of two friends exchanging some playful nips, the next two I hope are no reflection on their feeling about the photographer, and the last, a very close up and personal shot.

I hope you’ve enjoyed these. There are still more images from Spain to come. Stay tuned for the next post. To be sure you don’t miss one, you can sign up to be notified at the top of the page. Thanks for joining me! Cheryl

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  1. They are so majestic and so lovely.

    1. Yes, they are! Thank you, Hope.

  2. What fabulous beauties!!!!!

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