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Zimanga Private Reserve, South Africa

Although Zimanga has spectacular photography/observation hides it also has plenty of wildlife to photograph during game drives. On this visit we spent most of our time enjoying the hides, but we did get out and about a bit as well. The following images will let you see what I saw.


Rhinosorous are odd looking creatures, prehistoric in looks. And, though the calves don’t look like they can move very fast, I’ve seen them frolicking like young colts. These images show a mother with a young calf, a much younger calf, and a rhino’s eye. Why an image of the eye? The answer is because I could. I don’t think I’ve ever been as close as I was to a rhino before. 😁

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Other Sightings

Giraffes are frequently seen while going to and from the hides. Zebras are always a favorite of mine…this one with two Red-billed Oxpeckers on its back. A pretty Lilac-breasted Roller by the side of the road calling loudly to another.

The Cheetahs

The place I spent most of my time away from the hides was with the captivating new cheetah cubs. These images were taken over several days in different areas. Remarkably, these cheetahs and others in the reserve are comfortable around humans as long as you’re with a guide. So much so that you can get very close to them on the ground. The cubs were curious about us, but because their mother accepted us so did they. It is very unusual to be able to photograph cheetahs in the wild like this. Meet mom and her three cubs.

The cubs were very active. Like all young they made up their own games. It seemed as though two would play together until one wore out then the third would jump in and take his place. Even mom was invited to join in.

Finding the high ground to survey their territory is instinctive in cheetahs. The cubs found their high ground on a large termite mound.

When tired out from play, and in this case with a full tummy, the cubs gathered around mom for comfort, protection, and lots of love.

And, with this I come to the end of my African journey. I’m grateful that so many of you have let me know that you’ve enjoyed coming along with me through my images. Thank you so much! Cheryl

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  1. rhinos are a bit strange, but i saw some football players and not to different.
    love the eye shot- but you have to stay safe and able to take more shots for us.

    love the cheetahs- looks like we could cuddle with them- i’m guessing thats not a
    good idea.

    love all the shots , thanks again

  2. Loved these. The close up of the rhino eye looked like an elephant. The cheetahs were so beautiful and so entertaining. Must be thrilling to see them for real!

  3. Thank you so much! I love all the photographs, especially of the cheetahs, the rhinoceros eye, and the oxpeckers on the zebra. I love hearing the stories about each of them and how you photographed them.

  4. Very special images.

    Love the Cheetah cubs and the Roller.

    Ed Cohen

  5. Oh Cheryl these pictures are spectacular! I love the young ones, and the big ones, but giraffes have always been a favorite if mine. It must be amazing to see one up close and not at the zoo. I also love the bright colored bird. They’re all Wonderful!! Thank you so much for inviting us along iny your trip! Your pictures are the bomb & you’re a Rockstar photographer!!!

  6. I don’t have the right words to express the beauty and fun I had watching these pictures. I watched twice they are truly a work of art and what a fun job you have. Thank you for sharing in your wonderful trips and photos. Makes a bleak winter day brighter!

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