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Out And About

Zimanga Private Reserve, South Africa Although Zimanga has spectacular photography/observation hides it also has plenty of wildlife to photograph during game drives. On this visit we spent most of our time enjoying the hides, but […]

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Overnight Hides

Zimanga Private Reserve, South Africa A session in one of the overnight hides means you have the afternoon with sunset, the entire night, and sunrise with a morning session. The hides have all the comforts […]

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Scavenger Hide

Zimanga Private Reserve, South Africa Scavengers, hyenas, vultures, Mirabeau Storks, jackals and the like, are an important part of the ecosystem in Africa. Hyenas and vultures in particular are necessary to keep the spread of […]

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Zimanga Private Game Reserve, South Africa In Africa hides (aka blinds) are becoming more popular. A hide is usually established at a watering site. This gives the photographer/observer a way to watch the wildlife quietly […]

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