Anticipating Spring

If you are like me you’re ready to say goodbye to Winter and welcome Spring. Here in southern Louisiana we are just beginning to see signs that Spring is almost here. The Japanese Magnolias are already in bloom and the Azaleas are beginning to come out. I decided to try to hurry along the process by posting images of signs of Spring from past years. Most of the images were taken either in my yard in Louisiana or in North Carolina.

Azaleas and Rhododendrons

In a week or so our azaleas should be in full bloom in Louisiana. Spring comes later in the mountains of North Carolina. I’m very lucky to be able to enjoy Spring twice a year with both azaleas and rhododendrons.

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Flowering Trees

In spite of a late freeze our Japanese Magnolias are flowering now. The flowers don’t last long, but they’re so pretty while they do. The same is true for the Tulip Magnolia. Very short-lived blossoms. Other images are of flowering ornamental fruit trees and a redbud tree. The Redbird sits in a flowering tree the name of which I have forgotten.


Recently I’ve become aware of how many different kinds and colors of irises there are. I’ve added a few to my garden, and hope to find more. Such an elegant flower.


Bluebirds are now building their nests. Soon fledglings like the ones in this image will be flocking to feeders. Their appearance always lets me know that Spring is here.


The first of the new spring roses should be blooming soon. My husband’s grandmother planted many of the rose bushes that we have making them at least 75 years old!


In the next month the Amaryllis should begin producing flowers. I always enjoy watching them slowly go from bud to bloom.

To me the plants and trees in these images denote the beginning of Spring which always seems overdue by the time winter leaves us. I’ve enjoyed putting them together. I hope you’ve enjoyed seeing them! Thanks for taking the time. Cheryl

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  1. Spring is such a tease ….
    I’m away anxious for her company 👏👏👏

    1. Couldn’t agree more!

  2. All photos are gorgeous but my favorite is the Japanese magnolias.

    1. Thank you, Monty! I’m partial to the Japanese Magnolias myself.

  3. Thanks Cheryl, you showed every spring flower I miss from New England (except lilac & forsythia) that are my favorites. Tucson doesn’t have any if these but the cactus bloom that will come in another few weeks should be glorious this year! I really miss the Azaleas & Rhododendrons, my grandmother’s favorite! Thanks for sharing & a glimpse of spring…needed as we’re having snow today in AZ, lol!!!

    1. Terry, thank you! The cactus should be glorious. Wish I had some nearby.

  4. all are beautys. the lavender and white, excellent.

    the iris is in a class by themselves
    they remind me of orchids a bit

    thanks and i am praying for spring to come on!!

    1. Thank you, Patricia! I love orchids so maybe that’s why I’m drawn to irises. 🙂

  5. I just looked out the the window thinking how drab everything looks when I spied my beautiful yellow Japanese magnolia blooming! Thanks for the gorgeous photos reminding me that Spring is almost here!

    1. Thanks, Sandy! Glad you enjoyed them. You have a yellow Japanese Magnolia! I would love to see (and photograph that one).

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