Horses Of Andalusia, Spain

Yeguada Guardiola Fantoni

The Spanish have been involved in breeding exceptional horses for centuries. They are rightfully proud of the PRE (Pure Spanish Horse) that has evolved. My visit to this farm was further proof of the beauty, agility and intelligence of the breed.

As you can see this is a beautiful facility, second only to the graciousness of our host.

The Horses

The following images are of some of the beautiful stallions that I was fortunate to photograph. These horses are in peak condition with the grace of motion so prominent in this breed.

(Click on an image to enlarge and use the arrows to move to the next)

Last, but certainly not least, is a glimpse of the next generation. With its long legs this foal had no trouble keeping up with mom.

I hope that you’ve enjoyed these images. Still more to come! Thanks for joining me. Cheryl

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