California Horses

Our last California shoot was of an unflappable horse named Morgan and her stable mates. Whether it was crashing waves or redwood forest Morgan calmly gave her all for the camera. (She is actually a Morgan Horse and has a longer name.)

Morgan At The Beach

These first shots were taken on the not so calm Pacific coast. You can see how high the waves were.

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Morgan’s Friends

Back at the ranch Morgan’s stable mates gave us some nice shots in their wonderfully lush pasture.

Morgan In The Redwood Forest

Just being in one of California’s redwood forests was a treat. To have Morgan there with us made it magical.

This concludes my California adventure. I hope you’ve enjoyed the images.

Unfortunately, because of the entry requirements I was unable to go to The Netherlands this past week. I had hoped to photograph Friesian horses there, but that will have to wait for another time. I will, however, be making my annual Frog trip shortly. I look forward to sharing those images with you as well as other postings.

Thank you for joining me. My updated website will launch in a few days. You probably won’t notice much difference. One of things I’m looking forward to with the update will be the ability to interact with you directly through my blog. This will mean that when you make a comment you’ll be able to chose to allow me to respond to you via email.

Until the next post….Cheryl

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  1. morgan is beautiful. and all of them look pampered, a treat to see. not counting where you were. i never made it to the redwood forest,
    so thanks for the pics

  2. You are so in tune with the horses! Morgan and her friends are beauttiful, and John and I love the different settings. Outstanding! Thank you.

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