BEARS 2021


Each year while photographing Bears (weather permitting) we have the opportunity to take a boat to a nearby tiny island which we call Puffin Island. The island is made up mostly of rocky cliffs with a small beach. Here colonies of Horned Puffins nest and breed. Because of their speed in flight and small size they are one of the most difficult birds to photograph. It’s always a fun and challenging outing.

In addition to the Puffins there are also colonies of Common Murres. Not nearly as colorful, but known for their ability to dive to great depths to fish.

This time rather than shooting on the tiny beach we photographed from the (moving) boat making the photography that much more challenging.


When not on the cliffs tending to their nests or out fishing the Puffins can be seen bobbing in flocks on the water. It’s interesting to watch their rather awkward takeoff into flight. (Click on an image to enlarge)

Other Birds

As you can see the Common Murre isn’t as colorful. Eagles are found in plentiful quantities all around the coast in this part of Alaska.

The End

More Bear images next year. Upcoming posts will be with Frogs, Flowers and Africa. To be sure you don’t miss them, please sign up (at the top of the page) to receive an email notification when they’re posted. Thank you for letting me share my images with you. Cheryl

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  1. Some very good shots. You are most talented.

    1. Thank you very much! You are very kind to say so. 🙂

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