California Horses

Santa Cruz Mountains

Going from dusty paddocks to the lush pastures in the Santa Cruz Mountains was a pleasant change. The horses at this location were owned by individuals who graciously offered to allow us to photograph them. All were beautiful animals including the short guy with Icelandic heritage. You will notice that I processed some of the images in black and white. A bit different from my usual presentation, but I felt that some just called for it. You may also notice a common thread in a number of the images. That’s because the horses, too, noticed the lush pasture and figured ways to grab a bite of grass while posing for the camera.

The Horses

These two friends seemed to enjoy showing off for the camera.

(Click on an image to enlarge)

I decided this fellow looked good in both black and white or color…

Our pony was not intimidated by the taller horses at all. I think the horses were a little puzzled as to why he was so short, though.

This was an exceptionally gracefully horse who really stood out with its light color. I thought it, too, looked great in both color and black and white.

This dynamic duo must have been watching the other horses. They seemed to have come out with a plan to grab as much grass as they could while performing for the photographers.

Thank you to those of you who took the time to comment on last week’s post! I appreciated the feedback. And, thank you to everyone for joining me this time. I hope you have enjoyed these images.

It’s possible that my updated website will be operational next post and you may notice some slight changes. One of them will be an option to receive an email directly back from me in response to your posts rather than it just being posted on the site.

Until the next post, Cheryl

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  1. these are a treat. love al the black and white pictures. thanks, cheryl for
    all the hard work.

    1. I appreciate the feedback on the black and white images! Thank you, Patricia. 🙂

  2. Be still my heart! I’m in love with the roan 🥰❤️

    1. ❤️

  3. These are stunningly beautful! The horses’ and pony’s spirit shines in each photographs. Seeing multiple photos of a particular horse makes me feel even more connected.
    Thank you.

    1. Such an interesting comment about multiple images. I hadn’t considered that. Thank you, Sandy!

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