Horses of Andalusia, Spain

Yeguada Cartuja

While the PRE (Pure Spanish Horse) is one of the oldest breed of horses, a strain of the PRE called Carthusian is said to be the purest of the breed. This line is named after the Carthusian monks who maintained records and a breeding program for a small herd beginning some 500 years ago.

History shows that the monastery had its ups and downs affected by wars and changes of power. However, the horses and the breeding program amazingly survived all of the upheaval. In 1990 the Spanish State Heritage Department declared the Carthusian horse a National Treasure insuring that the purity of this strain will be protected. The beautiful stallions in the following images are part of this breeding program.

Argentino XXXVI

Genuino X

Fingido IX

Gracioso XCVI

Guapetón XXVII


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  1. Great shots of white horses without blown out high lights.

    1. Thanks, Ed! It wasn’t always easy. 😊

  2. Stunning photos! I’m in love with Genuino X!

    1. Thank you, Merri! He’s quite a character.

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