BEARS 2021


There’s more to see and enjoy in the park besides bears. Occasionally you’ll see a fox or a black bear. Eagles make nests in the trees where they have fresh fish in their front yard, and the meadows are full of wildflowers. I was lucky to catch an Eagle sitting on a piece of driftwood on the beach. This was one of the years when I was in time to see the Lupines in bloom, and the first time I have seen the Chocolate Lilies in bloom. Being a chocoholic I was especially interested in them. There were hundreds of them scattered in spots in the meadows. (Click on the images to enlarge)

The scenery is pretty spectacular, too, with a volcano and snow spotted mountains. Then, of course, there are bears!

How would you like to be walking down a narrow path, turn a corner and stumble on a sleeping bear? That’s exactly what one of the guides did. She quickly reversed her course! She told us where the bear was and I took a quick shot of the still sleeping bear and moved on fast.

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